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Learning Beyond the Lesson


The reality of learning and refining the trumpet is that the majority of the improvement must occur beyond the environment of the lesson.  The weekly time that the instructor and student spend together will only be the  beginning of what is needed in order to practice and perform successfully.  

Through intense study, focus in lessons will be given on establishing and developing positive and natural habits that will lead to exemplary trumpet techniques in sound production, endurance, multiple tonguing and range. Students will also learn how to combat performance anxiety through gaining a complete understanding of how the body works and operates while performing, and under pressure. These sessions will include not only detailed instruction, but analysis on the student’s part as to how they can best take the topics introduced, and run with them on their own. The end of lessons will include a summary session where the student, to the best of their ability, draws their own conclusions regarding the material, and the instructor clarifies as need be.  This is to ensure that the student begins to grasp what is happening physically and neurologically in their own playing, not just through the eyes of the instructor.

Upon the introduction of more advanced elements, students will be strongly encouraged to brainstorm efficient and creative practice techniques that will ensure a high level of progress in a short amount of time.  Students will be taught to isolate and deconstruct their music so they are concentrating on materials at an extreme level of detail.  This detail will then be applied every time the students picks up their horn, whether it be in a practice, solo, or ensemble setting.

As a result, through instruction, students will emerge not only as top notch performers, but as innovative teachers. The goal being for students to acquire the ability to take an active role beyond their lessons, through learning how to teach themselves.